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Female Pharmacist


To make a positive difference in care of people and inspre a healthy lifestyle for our clients. 


To be the most trusted local provider of pharmaceutical care because we consistently provide a superior experience for prescribers, patients and caregivers through the use of best practices, across all settings: in-store, in-home, or within the personal care residence. 


Customer focus




Community minded

Continuous improvement 

Goals & Objectives

  • Our main objective is to provide a high return on investment by increasing our annual profit by 20 percent. 

  • Uukalinawa Pharmacy intends to be a place where employees can grow and prosper increasing employee retention as well as providing good customer service. 

  • We aim to provide services and support to the local and national communities in which we serve. Our long term goal is to create a unique selling point from our competitors. 

  • To provide medical solutions to the community we serve and be the first line of health care services. 

Key Strategies

  • Maintain excellent customer and community Relations

  • Ensure staff are trained to provide a first class service

  • Maintain unique in-store presentation 

  • Provide expert marketing for the promotion business brand 

  • Increase the range & depth of products and services offered

Services Pledge

Our customers are very important to us and we aim to provide high quality services, exceed customer expectations, and delight our customers. We treat each individual customer with outmost respect, and each project is given undivided attention. We believe our customers are the drive beyond our business success and we take ownership of problems and attend to each timely. 

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